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White people in Zambia or White Zambians are people from Zambia who are of European descent and who do not regard themselves, or are not regarded as, ...


Zambia officially the Republic of Zambia, is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, .... The Nkoya people also arrived early in the expansion, coming from the  ...


This is a list of famous or notable Zambians, or people of Zambian descent, or people who have influenced Zambia listed in the following categories, and in no  ...


The Zambian People ith a population of less than 15 million, Zambia comprises an amazing 72 ethnic groups, most of which are bantu-speaking. About 90% of t.


There are over 72 different local languages spoken in everyday life by the people of Zambia.


The people retain strong ties to their tribe or clan, but there is also a strong national identity. Zambia became a settling ground for many migrating tribes around ...

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