... behind in Auschwitz with the rest of those in the .... by living in such close proximity with each other ...


All cooped up. The people in the Secret Annex can never go outside, and have to remain silent all day. They live in constant fear of discovery. It's tough for ...


The Frank family goes into hiding in the secret annex on July 6, 1942. ... of discovery. And it's certainly not easy for eight people to live in such close quarters .


From 1942 to 1944, these eight people all lived in the Secret Annex. They were completely dependent on six helpers; employees and friends of Anne's father.


Anne Frank and the other people from the Secret Annex were not the only Jewish people living in hiding in the Netherlands. But how similar was their situation to ...


Anne Frank remained in hiding in the Secret Annex for more than two years. ... The people in the secret annex had to hide because their lives were in danger.


The people in the Secret Annex had a lot of space compared to a lot of other ... The communal living room and Hermann and Auguste van Pels's bedroom is:


Mar 10, 2015 ... Four other Jews lived in the secret annex alongside the Frank family: ... diary describes in great detail the tension between the eight individuals, ...


This was literally a matter of life and death; if the secret annex was found by the ... At least in a normal house you can, to some extent, avoid other people if you have ... Still, Anne grows a lot as a teenager living in the Annex, working hard at her ...