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She later said that if she had read it, she would have needed to destroy it, as it contained a great deal of incriminating information, such as the names of all of the annex helpers, as well as many of their Dutch Underground contacts. She and her husband, Jan, took Otto Frank into their home, where he lived from 1945 (after ...


All cooped up. The people in the Secret Annex can never go outside, and have to remain silent all day. They live in constant fear of discovery. It's tough for everyone, and the tension increasingly erupts into arguments. Anne writes: 'My mind boggles at the profanity this honorable house has had to endure in the past month…


Going into hiding. As well as the Frank family there are four other Jews in the Secret Annex: Hermann and Auguste van Pels with their son Peter, and Fritz Pfeffer. Four of Otto's employees help them. Everyone lives in constant fear of discovery. And it's certainly not easy for eight people to live in such close quarters .


Short biographies of Anne Frank, the other people in hiding in the secret annex and their helpers.


Out of all of the people from secret annex, only Otto Frank survives.


The people in the secret annex had to hide because their lives were in danger. The Netherlands was occupied by the German army. They wanted to arrest all Jews and send them to concentration camps. Only Jews who went into hiding could escape. But they needed a good hiding place, and people who would help.


Feb 28, 2009 ... I had to do a powerpoint for school about the secret annex and the people that hid in it. Do you think this is good? I need it to be because ... </li></ul><ul><li>All eight people used the one bathroom that was accessible from the living room and Anne's bedroom. </li></ul>; 8. <ul><li>Born to a banking family.


Life for the eight people in the small apartment, which Anne Frank referred to as the Secret Annex, was tense. The group lived in constant fear of being discovered and could never go outside. They had to remain quiet during daytime in order to avoid detection by the people working in the warehouse below. Anne passed the ...


They are hidden away from the outside world, and depend on others for supplies and news. The close quarters of so many people in such a small space, plus the need to maintain quiet during the day, grates on their nerves.These unusual circumstances are coupled with the normal occurences of life, like Anne's adolescent ...