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Jul 17, 2012 ... The World Bank says close to three-quarters of the world's population, including much of the developing world, now has access to a mobile ...


Oct 21, 2014 ... Only 25 percent of employees who use their own device are ... 20 percent plan to buy a tablet and 14 percent a desktop PC or smart TV. ... of Internet of Things (IoT ) devices people will own in five years' time," said Ms. Sabia.


Computer and Internet penetration varies significantly from region to region in the world. In North America, 78.6 percent of the population has access to the Internet, compared to just 15.6 percent in Africa. ... If they have their own reliable sup.


Apr 11, 2016 ... Apple's total share of the global PC market grew to 7.4 percent in the first quarter of calendar 2016, good for fourth place globally, according to ...


Nov 22, 2016 ... In the United States, 74.6 percent of the population use the Internet — a high ... to reach its target of having 60 percent of the world's population online by 2020. ... In Burundi, only 1.2 percent of households have a computer.


Sep 11, 2013 ... (CNSNews.com) - Americans who live in househ. ... the poverty level have cell phones, and a healthy majority—58.2 percent—have computers.


Aug 6, 2015 ... Computer and internet use have increased over time, as shown in Figures 1 and 2. ... Daily internet use increased by 2 percentage points since 2014 (as ... email remained the most common, with 76% of adults having used ...


Dec 28, 2015 ... Almost 70 percent of Amazon's customers placed orders through mobile ... Shop on Amazon Using Smartphones and Tablets Than Computers.


Feb 2, 2004 ... Seven percent of Dutch households owned an MP3 player in 2002 ... Only one in ten older people would like to own a computer and/or a VCR.