Jul 12, 2010 ... v. Agency No. A077-845-685. ERIC H. HOLDER JR., Attorney. General, ... ing of “ all women in Guatemala” is over-broad and “a mere.


On appeal, the BIA agreed with the IJ's determination that Perdomo failed to ..... INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION 263, 265-267 (Erika Feller et al. eds., 2003).


Perdomo v. Holder. In 1991 Lesly Yajayra Perdomo (“Perdomo”), a citizen ... and forty” and Perdomo's revised group definition, “all women in Guatemala,” as too ...


The BIA purports that all of its earlier precedents ap- ..... In Perdomo, the Ninth Circuit explained ..... timi v. Holder, which involved former members of the. Mungiki sect.203 The court there focused on social vis- ..... etal considerations” entail.


A woman from El Salvador who was severely abused by her gang member partner. ... Cece v. Holder (7th Cir. 2013) NIJC Amicus Brief Filed in Support of Petitioner Cece on Rehearing En Banc before the Seventh Circuit: the exact ... Perdomo v.


all stated that they received inadequate protection or no protection ... o Matter of A-R-C-G et al; .... Holder, 618 F.3d 602 (6th Cir. 2010). • Femicide: Perdomo v.


Karen Musalo, et al., Crimes Without Punishment: Violence Against Women in ...... Holder. In Perdomo v. Holder, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals remanded a.


v. Holder, 618 F.3d 602 (6th Cir. 2010); Perdomo v. Holder, 611 F.3d 662 (9th .... based-membership-particular-social-group; Benjamin Casper et al., Matter of ...


Dec 23, 2016 ... elements of asylum that must be established in these as in all cases, such ...... 38 In addition to A-R-C-G- and Kasinga at the BIA level, see, e.g., Perdomo v. .... Curiae in Support of the Petitioner, Valdiviezo-Galdamez v. Holder, ..... Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project, Inc. et al, Amicus Curiae Brief, 2016,.