Lieutenant Colonel Jane Able, et al. v. United States of America, et al., is a case from the United ... When the Defense Department initiated an investigation into Petty Officer Heigl to determine if he was a homosexual, the district court issued a  ...


U.S. Supreme Court. United States v. United Mine Workers, 330 U.S. 258 (1947). United States v. United Mine Workers or America. No. 759. Argued January 14 ...


U.S. Supreme Court. Gomez v. United States, 490 U.S. 858 (1989). Gomez v. United States. No. 88-5014. Argued April 24, 1989. Decided June 12, 1989 *.


McCray v. United States, ante, p. 195 U. S. 27, followed as to constitutionality of the oleomargarine legislation. The facts are stated in the opinion of the Court.


5 days ago ... Holding: A Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 11(c)(1)(C) plea agreement is “ based on” the defendant's Federal Sentencing Guidelines range ...


5 days ago ... United States' definition of generic burglary requires proof that intent to ... Mar 30 2018, Brief of respondent United States of America filed.


281 U.S. 276. Patton v. United States (No. 53). Argued: February 25, 1930 .... The third requisite was held essential in American Publishing Company v. ..... It is not denied that a jury trial may be waived in the case of petty offenses, but the ...


Case opinion for US Supreme Court MARSHALL v. UNITED STATES. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw.


Nov 28, 2018 ... People v. Suazo - "The Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees that a defendant will be judged by a jury of peers if ...