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Kunstformen der Natur (Art Forms of Nature) is a book of lithographic and autotype prints by German biologist Ernst Haeckel. Originally published in sets of ten between 1899 and 1904 and as a complete volume in 1904, it consists of 100 prints of various organisms, many of which were first described by Haeckel himself.


During this period, babies become less interested in mouthing books and more interested in the story. You can promote your baby's interest in books by looking at books with him and talking about the pictures, especially those that interest your baby. Invite your 8- or 9-month-old baby to turn the pages. If you are raising your ...


Jan 9, 2015 ... Like a scientist cataloging the last of an endangered species, the Dutch photographer wandered the New York City subway system for weeks, snapping pictures of readers of printed books among an increasingly dominant population of iPhone and Kindle readers. “This is how it goes. Everything is always ...


Results 1 - 20 of 44579 ... An unlikely pair of heroines take on a pack of wolves in this hilarious story, ... Quick View. Book of Hours. Stunning illustrations illuminate this beautifully conceived & intelligently executed contemporary psalter, a resource that presents ... Quick View. The Book of Job. “In the Old Testament we read ...


The purpose of this book is to show how the computer can draw technically perfect pictures of Julia and Mandelbrot sets. All the definitions, results and formulas required will be stated. If you know what a complex rational function is, then you certainly have enough knowledge of mathematics to follow this account.


Dec 30, 2013 ... Mr. Riggs said he thought of the snapshots, particularly those with an “Edward Gorey-like Victorian weirdness, these haunting images of peculiar children.” Mr. Riggs's idea was to do a Halloween book of photos accompanied by rhyming couplets. It was Mr. Rekulak who suggested that the eerie pictures of ...


Aug 12, 2008 ... Peter Hirtle and I have tried to analyze this over a couple of years and may write an article some day - so readers, feel free to weigh in. Meanwhile, Peter tells me that LJ announced that a million book covers are now available for download and display in library OPACs via LibraryThing. I expect libraries will ...


Nov 24, 2017 ... In his new book, Afshin Shahidi, the artist's personal photographer, shares 250 images covering nearly 10 years of Prince's storied purple reign.


Feb 25, 2016 ... Let your child decide how much (or how little) time you spend reading. And you don't need to read every page. You may find that your child has a favorite page or even a favorite picture. She may want to linger there for a while, and then switch books or activities. Babies may just want to mouth the book!