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Harvard, America's most prestigious university and home to the world's greatest minds, is a place where some trailer park families--like John's (Jason Lee) could never afford to go. But now, John's niece has the chance of a lifetime, and all she needs is the tuition that he had promised to pay if she got into a good college.


Jun 23, 2017 ... If it's not on social media it didn't happen, right? Whether you feel like showing off your vacation photos or not, you'll most definitely want to take pictures to remember it! Boston is well known for a number of historical events, attractions and people, but visitors and residents alike are not always aware of the ...


Painting & Staining Design Gallery brings you photos and descriptions about Painting & Staining projects to help give you ideas about what to do with your Painting & Staining.


Jun 5, 2017 ... At least 10 incoming freshmen have had offers rescinded following the surfacing of a secret message group, in which offensive Harvard memes were ... These are the memes that caused Harvard to rescind offers to 10 incoming freshmen ... The Tab was sent images from the thread by incoming freshmen.


Jul 22, 2017 ... Ironically, the committee's continued battle with the final clubs has only made them even more exclusive. A rising Harvard junior said the clubs are cracking down on guest lists and letting fewer outsiders in. “Everyone's terrified of pictures and [potential] lawsuits — of a student getting too drunk at the club, ...


2014 Friends of Harvard Hockey Golf Tournament. 66 images. Join the Robert D. Ziff '88 Head Coach for Harvard Men's Ice Hockey, Ted Donato '91, the Landry Family Head Coach for Harvard Women's Ice Hockey, Katey Stone, their staffs, and other friends of Harvard Hockey at our annual FoHH Golf Tournament!


When I wrote the house book in 1974, I had a section on Mather House at Harvard which was the harvard dorm in my neighborhood. My relationship with Mather house has continued and for a couple of years I took portraits of groups of friends at Mather and the pictures hung on the corridors and dining hall. The people in ...


Nov 10, 2017 ... As the U.S. Marshal took the cuffs off of me, Dana raised her arms holding the pictures for everyone to see (including our local ABC affiliate, WCVB channel 5 Boston). I, in turn, pointed at Justina's image in her wheelchair and asked Adam Bookbinder, a Harvard Law grad and the chief of cybercrime for the ...


It was 1843, and a dazzling new comet was blazing through the sky. In Cambridge, Mass., the public turned to Harvard University for information. But Harvard didn't have a telescope. Citizens and Harvard officials, now well aware of what they were missing, pooled their resources, bought some land, and hired two experts to ...