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Powell v. The Home Depot USA, Inc. (2008cv61862) (2011) was a decision by the Florida Southern District Court on the issue of patent infringement on a “safe hands” device that Michael Powell, an independent contractor for Home Depot, created in response to injuries to the hands of associates using in-store radial arm ...


Tri-State sued the Bauers in small claims court for the cost of a water treatment system it had installed following a free, in-home assessment of their water. The Bauers answered and filed a counterclaim, asserting a multi-state class action for fraud. Their subsequent, amended class-action counterclaim added Home Depot  ...


Plaintiff filed suit alleging that defendants jointly employed as a supervisor, Brian Cooper, a man with a known history of sexually harassing, verbally abusing, and physically intimidating his female subordinates. Plaintiff also alleged that the joint employers failed to take reasonable steps in response to female employees' ...


Sean BAHRI; Dan Florea; Barbara Nelson; Victor Roberge; Melvin Espen; William Toles; Daphne Dalthorp; and Stephen Galas, Plaintiffs, v. HOME DEPOT USA, INC., Defendant.


Oct 18, 2006 ... 99-7063, Chaney v. Home Depot, USA, Inc. Because counsel for the defendants had not been served with a copy of the consolidation motion, the trial court ..... The court noted that in resolving fraudulent joinder claims, courts may pierce the pleadings and take into consideration summary judgment-type ...


U.S. Chamber files brief urging Supreme Court to close judicially created loophole to CAFA removal provisions.


Jul 4, 2011 ... Author: Sarah Pierce, LEGAFI [USA]. Home Depot has been hit with an age discrimination class action lawsuit that claims the company has company-wide policies and practices that have targeted older employees for “systematic and disproportionate termination.”...The Home Depot age discrimination class ...


holding several months earlier in Berger v. Home. Depot USA, Inc., 741 F.3d 1061 (9th Cir. 2014), the court of appeals held that “in the absence of a settlement, a stipulation that leads to a dismissal with prejudice does not destroy the adversity in that judgment necessary to support an appeal” of a class- certification denial.


Pierce Mortuary; Kahl v. Licker-a wrongful ... City of Dallas v. Explorer Pipeline-a chemical spill case; Hickerson v. TXU et al.-a wrongful death case; Fernandez v. Texas Instruments-a personal injury case; Guillims v. Searle, Monsanto et al. ... liability case; Young v. Home Depot U.S.A., Inc.-a work injury case; Madden v.