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To my wonderful niece(s) and nephew(s),. I am so lucky to have you in my life, and being your aunt brings me so much joy. Who would have known that someone so little could have such an impact on me and bring so much happiness into my life. Each of you has changed me for the better and I couldn't imagine a world ...


This file includes Family, Cousins, In-laws, Aunts and Uncles, Nieces and Nephews, - plus an idea of what to do about those 'Skeletons in Your Closet'. Also see Family Reunions.


Happy Birthday Wishes, Poems, and Quotes for a Niece. Niece Birthday Wishes Birthday PoemsBirthday CardsHappy Birthday Nephew QuotesBirthday Prayer Happy Birthday PicturesQuotes ImagesArt QuotesWisdom Quotes. Happy birthday wishes for a niece: Messages, poems and quotes for her birthday card ...


Hello biddies here are Beautiful Mother's Day 2015 Poems for Aunts who are really special in your lives. I know as a niece how special is our aunts in our family. So here are best wishes on mothers day in form of poems to share with her on this lovely day.


But the best thing is that you are having an amazing aunt like me. Happy Birthday from your Uncle and Aunty. I would love to send tons of love and blessings to my first born nephew. I still remember the day when your mom bring you into our life. From that day ...


You know your aunt considers you to be a favorite niece or nephew. Now you can let her know on her birthday just how very special she is to you with this personalized Aunt Poetry Gift. This 7" x 9" clear acrylic frame with touching poem and beautiful butterfly water-color design is a unique birthday gift for your aunt. This gift ...


The best pictures in my photo album. Are of you and me. They are my most prized ones. Among the entire family. For they are the candid ones. That exude love and care. Proving that we both are. The perfect aunt and nephew pair. Happy birthday . Poems for bday my dear nephew. My dear nephew… Your amazing life.


True, auntly literary history boasts the odd gorgon – think Lady Catherine de Bourgh in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice – but for the most part, aunts are seen as benign, even essential, participants in the lives of their nieces and nephews. These moving and entertaining poems are about aunts who work hard, play hard, ...


So, for a wonderful aunt like you. There is a super thank you. Happy mother's day to you! ***********. I am your niece so dear. You have done so much for me. You have always bought me things. You have given me pep talk to see.