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Three Poems from Robert Frost on Choices. Lata Jagtiani. Three Poems of Robert Frost on the subject of making choices, each one better than the other two !


too afraid to let go while too inclined to stay the past; it bears a heavy weight that will never go astray even if i had to wake a painful choice; it still awaits even as ...


Decision poetry: ... Decisions But I've always had. Opinions Finally I make a decision. To share my opinion. This one ... Options everywhere, but no choices


Choices poetry: ... Continue reading... Kelvin Apr 2015. Choices. Sometimes you make choices in life, But sometimes choices make you. ... These Decisions.


Anthology of Poems for Choice Includes: I choose to live by choice --Author Unknown A Better Me by Jojoba Mansell DREAMS by Langston Hughes


Life's choices changes our lives. Latest Shared Story. I had to choose between my ex boyfriend and someone knew. I chose the someone knew...finding out I ...


Jan 26, 2012 ... Hard Choices by Jojoba Mansell. .A path is laid out ahead it forks before your feet . A decision filled with dread uncertain of what youll meet.


Aug 31, 2009 ... For my new students, the choice that comes most readily to mind is choice of ... read it, the poem can help put spine into a wavering decision.


Some decisions are clear while others are sometimes not clear and more difficult to make. The poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost is a prime example ...