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Find all our Pokemon Ruby Game Shark Codes for Gameboy Advance. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system. All Free.


Jan 21, 2014 ... Legit Masterballs Code (By:Dino) · Show All. 244 Comments | Bookmark. Rate this cheat: 208 136. These are 100% WORKING Pokemon Ruby *Gameshark Codes*. It's 100% Working for my VisualBoy Advance Emulator Hope it works for you too...[/color] *No Master Code needed* ---------------------------------


Use any of the Pokemon Ruby cheats via Gamesahrk codes in your GBC console or emulator and play Pokemon Ruby with extended and extra ordinary features.


Jul 12, 2003 ... For Pokemon Ruby Version on the Game Boy Advance, Game Shark Codes by loadingNOW.


Aug 23, 2004 ... Stats will return to normal after sending a Pokemon to the PC. Q. I can't trade my high stat pokemon to Pokemon Colosseum. Why? A. Nintendo spent a long time trying to code Pokemon Colosseum to stop cheaters. There is a snipet of a code somewhere in Colosseum that recognizes a Pokemon that has ...


Here's the list of all the cheats (till date) for Pokemon Ruby. Codes For Maximum Stats And Money. Use the following codes to get the corresponding result: Cheat code for maximum stats (get maximum HP): 830043B8 03E7. Maximum level ( reaches lvl.255): 330043B4 00FF. Maximum attack: 830043BA 03E7. Maximum ...


Oct 9, 2012 ... (This cheat only work with Pokemon Ruby Version) Master Code 0000B138000A 1003A82A0007 Inf. RARE CANDy 82025BD00044 Inf. MONEY 82025BC4E0FF.. .

Aug 6, 2016 ... Enjoy Subscribe for more Here are some more cheats of pokemons i forgot Rarecandy 280EA266 88A62E5C Money E51E97C3 7858E4EB Master Code ( MUSE BE ON) 0000B138...
Jan 6, 2016 ... Walk Through Walls CE2CCCB25D8D815D Rare Candy 82025BD00044 Now Available Pokemon x y on gba android phone, Subscribe and comment if you are interested, Than...