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Pollard v. United States, 384 F. Supp. 304 (M.D. Ala. 1974) case opinion from the U.S. District Court for the ... The UNITED STATES of America et al., Defendants.


Jan 10, 2012 ... Syllabus. MINNECI et al. v. POLLARD et al. certiorari to the united states court of appeals for the ninth circuit. No. 10–1104. Argued November 1 ...


Donald Kilpatrick v. Eric L. Estes, Adriana Potoczniak, Et Al Appeal from 55th District Court of Harris County. 14-16-00960-CV ...


... School District, et al. v. Walter Gobitis, et al., Supreme Court of the United States, approved by Board of Governors 1/7/40. ... State Bar Association of Connecticut, et al. v. ... Billie Sol Estes v. ..... William C. Pollard, U.S. Supreme Court, No.


Nov 19, 2004 ... ... fluorescence microscopy (Amann and Pollard, 2001; Fujiwara et al., .... 45 min in 2% (v/v) Versaclean detergent (Fisher Scientific, Hampton, ...


This property of TMR-maleimide modified actin allowed Otterbein et al. ... of oligomers and actin-binding proteins (MacLean-Fletcher and Pollard, 1980). ... one drop of F-actin buffer and negatively stained with 1% (w/v) uranyl acetate. ... a relatively fast elongation of the growing filaments (for review, see Estes et al., 1992).


LYNN A. SELDEN 1, LEWIS C. GERSHMAN 1'2 and JAMES E. ESTES 1"2. ~ MedicaI ... Pollard et al., 1982; Cooper et al., 1983) have also published ..... 220. SELDEN, GERSHMAN and ESTES v-. GI-. ,o~ ! "~8 o. 3.2s. 3.~. 87. 3~o y. I/Txl03( K ...


Apr 1, 1995 ... Enrique M. De La Cruz, and Thomas D. Pollard. Biochemistry, 1995 .... is about 10 times more rapid (Kinosian et al., 1993; Estes et al., 1992).


B. K. Haarer,* S. H. Lillie,* A. E. M. Adams,* V. Magdolen,§ W. Bandlow,§ and S. S. Brown*. * Department of ... tiffed and characterized biochemically (Pollard and Cooper,. 1986; Stossel .... gene, in the same manner as was done for PFYDO (Magdolen et al., 1988);. Southern ...... cally to filamentous actin (Estes et al., 1981).