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(1986), as modified by Gardner et al. .... charged); A, F, I, L, M, V, and Y ( hydrophobic, nonpolar); and S and T (possible phosphorylation sites). ... a series of mapping filters (EcoRI–XhoI digests), as previously described byPorter et al. ..... (Steffen and Linck, 1988, 1989; Steffen et al., 1994) and cDNAs (Norrander et al., 1992, ...

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Jun 13, 2008 ... By Reshmaan N. Hussam, David Porter, and Vernon L. Smith*. We report 28 ... levels of liquidity in the form of cash endowments (see King et al. 1993 ..... sured as T 5 gtVt /S, where V is the volume of trade in period t and S is the total outstanding ..... Todd L. Cherry, Steffen Kallbekken, Stephan Kroll. 2014.

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