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컨토션(연체 곡예, contortion)은 신체를 크게 굽히거나 젖히고 뒤트는 동작을 통해, 인체의 유연성을 보여주는 행동을 일컫는다. 컨토션은 종종 곡예나 서커스 묘기의 일부로 취급되기도 한다. 보통 '연체 곡예사'(contortionist)들은 선천적으로 일반인 보다 유연한 몸을 지니고 있으며, 이후 후천적으로 유연성을 강화시키는 훈련을 받아 ...


Der Begriff Kontorsion (lat. contortio ‚Drehung, Windung') beschreibt eine Form von Akrobatik-Vorführungen, bei der der Artist seinen Körper in Positionen verdreht oder verbiegt, die für die meisten Menschen unerreichbar zu sein scheinen. Kontorsion ist oft Teil einer Zirkus-Nummer. Ein Kontorsionist, auch ...


Thank you to the artists, photographers and collectors. Most of these images are samples of Ron's Contortion collection on his CD Vol.1 and Vol.2. Some of my ...


Nov 3, 1997 ... SF is a contortion fan and he lives in Sweden near Göteborg. He wrote me a letter after he visited my Contortion Website. He shipped me some ...


Best of the Web Collection. V 2.0.0 from 02-Okt-96, updated at 04-May-97. Dedicated to the delightful art of contortion. Thank you to the artists, photographers ...

Apr 17, 2008 ... this is a story about a young girl who made miraculous recovery after an injury. it is good that Bolurtuya has recovered well, to do contortion.
Nov 1, 2007 ... Flexibility circus contortion.


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