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This is a list of demons that appear in religion, theology, demonology, mythology, and folklore. It is not a list of names of demons, although some are listed by ...


There have been various attempts throughout history by theologian scholars in the .... Note that many demons' names are exclusively French or unknown in other catalogs. St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist are the two St. Johns to ...


Jan 22, 2015 ... These demons from various cultures and religions are scarier than any ... is a powerful king from Hell who commands many demon armies.


Oct 10, 2012 ... ... listed the most powerful of Lucifer's minions in his notorious book, The Satanic Bible. “Theologians have cataloged some of the names of devils in their lists of demons, but the roster which follows contains the names most ...


Jul 23, 2015 ... Getting possessed by a demon sounds horrible—all that ... Ben Tamalion has you say the name of the person who can drive him out, leaves ...


Aug 5, 2014 ... The blind faith and superstitions surrounding these demons have been passed from ... Krampus, whose name is derived from the German word krampen, meaning claw, is a ... 25 Most Powerful Superheroes Of All Time ...


Comprehensive encyclopedia of evil spirits, devils and tricksters. Read about demons that have tormented humanity throughout history.


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If you can't find the demon you're looking for on this list of demons then it doesn't exist! ... Weyer names him as god of Grand Duke of Hell. ... Atazoth – The most powerful of the Dark Gods in the pantheon of the Order of the Nine Angels.