Two respected kings in the most heartwarming moment of a tough war conflict. Achilles and Priam.


Priam (Πρίαμος ), in mythology son of Laomedon and originally called Podarces; king of Troy at the time of its destruction by Agamemnon. When Laomedon ...


Among the artifacts unearthed at Hisarlik is the so-called 'Treasure of Priam', which, according to Schliemann, belonged to the Trojan king, Priam.


From the Greek Πριαμος (Priamos), possibly meaning "redeemed". In Greek legend Priam was the king of Troy during the Trojan War and the father of many ...


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It was in reality a 10-year dispute over control of the Dardanelles, access to the Black Sea from the Aegean Sea and conquest of the wealth accumulated from ...


Here we describe PRIAM, a method for automated enzyme detection in a fully sequenced genome, based on the classification of enzymes in the ENZYME ...


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