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Problems of Post-Communism is a bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal covering economic, political, security, and international developments in ...


Jan 17, 2013 ... Here are ten reasons why communism sucks. This list restates the case after an earlier list about the problems of capitalism. Don't switch ...


Up until now, communism has always been associated with poverty. What if ... Isn 't pure communism the solution to the problems of the world?


May 31, 1992 ... As Communism has died out around the world, so have the cottage industries that owed their existence to it. The latest victim is Problems of ...


New Title: Problems of post-communism. Language(s):, English. Published: Washington, D.C. : Documentary Studies Section, International Information ...


One of the biggest flaws in communism as an economic school of thought is that it undermined the importance of the individual. ... Internet connection problem.


Reasons Communism didn't work is because people were ... forced to be the best to represent the greatness and superiority of Communism.


USSR, 40 years in China, and more or less time in other communist countries. ... These two groups of problems are common for communist countries under.


Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848, in response to poor working conditions for workers across Europe. The goal was to  ...