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Aug 29, 2017 ... This is a survey on procrastination. I am doing research on the subject and the data obtained will be used for a project in a class. I would greatly ...


At least 95% of us procrastinate at least occasionally and about 15-20% of us ... Complete the more comprehensive survey here that I've administered to tens of ...


PROCRASTINATION SURVEY. For each item, indicate the column that most applies to you. Strongly. Agree. Mildly. Agree. Mildly. Disagree. Strongly. Disagree.


The number two reason people procrastinate is not being sure about what to do. What's the number one reason? The results might surpise you.


5 minutes. Do you put things off? Find yourself making excuses to get out of bothersome little duties? In short, are you guilty of that nasty habit of procrastination?


PEOPLE | PROCRASTINATION QUESTIONNAIRE. Procrastination Questionnaire. Too many things just not getting done? Everyone procrastinates on occasion ...


Procrastination Scale (Lay, 1986) - For student populations. Instructions: People may use the following statements to describe themselves. For each statement ...


Use our interactive test to find out whether you procrastinate and what you can do to stop!