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Answer: Prophetic ministry, as understood by Charismatic groups today, is any ministry that relies on the gift of prophecy and new revelation from God to guide the church to maturity. Those involved in prophetic ministry sometimes refer to it as a five-fold ministry and believe that the offices of apostle and prophet are being ...


He who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men.” Trained members of the International House of Prayer staff serve all those who sign up for prophetic ministry. We sincerely desire to hear from the Lord on behalf of those coming for ministry, so that they may be encouraged and built up in their faith.


Prophetic ministry challenges demonic opposition, walk in spiritual authority and release prophetic revelation through the prophets gifting.


The most urgent need of the modern church is for the restoration of the prophetic ministry. In recent years the gift of prophecy has been rediscovered, but there is still a desperate shortage of prophets. The church will not come to true maturity until God has raised up prophets among his people. For nearly two millenniums the ...


Jul 28, 2016 ... We have prophetic ministry guidelines because there is a biblical precedent for them. Here are 10 to consider before engaging in prophetic ministry.


Nov 19, 2014 ... Too much of the church is sinking in the quagmire of apostasy. Here are key scriptural elements that should be found in genuine, Spirit-led prophetic ministry.


The prophetic ministry of Bethel Church is about igniting purpose, hope, and identity through the gift of prophecy. We are passionate about teaching, equipping, and activating believers in the gift of prophecy and words of knowledge in the local church at Bethel, at BSSM, and to churches around the world. The heartbeat of ...


Nov 16, 2017 ... That said, I value personal prophetic ministry. That's one reason we have prophecy rooms every Friday night at the Awakening House of Prayer. A prophetic word delivered in due season can change someone's life (see Prov. 15 :23). And when we're going through mega trials that are rocking our emotions, ...


Jul 10, 2013 ... Avoid these pitfalls if you want healthy, New Testament-style ministry that honors the Holy Spirit.