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For-profit education refers to educational institutions operated by private, profit- seeking ... The other major category of for-profit schools are post-secondary institutions which operate as businesses, receiving fees from each student they enroll.


Jul 26, 2013 ... Proprietary schools are for-profit colleges, like ITT Tech. But many non-profit colleges and universities act like proprietary schools.


Proprietary schools or, as they are sometimes called, private career schools, are not well known or understood for several reasons. First, they have developed ...


In accordance with the General Statutes, the State Board of Community Colleges, acting by and through the State Board of Proprietary Schools, has authority to ...


Proprietary Schools are for-profit businesses which provide vocational education ... Board of Proprietary Schools, licenses proprietary schools in North Carolina.


Definition of Proprietary Schools and Academies – Our online dictionary has Proprietary Schools and Academies information from Encyclopedia of the New ...


Proprietary schools are private, post-secondary schools in Maine that offer a program or course of instruction conducted for the purpose of teaching any trade or ...



The Board of Regents oversees proprietary schools – private businesses owned by one person, a partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation for the ...