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For some instructional purposes one or the other item types may prove more efficient and appropriate. .... For example, learning objectives requiring the student to demonstrate or to show, may be better measured by performance test items, whereas objectives requiring the student to explain or to describe may be better ...


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Test, Try, Prove. See also Prove; Temptation; Trial; Try. I may prove them, whether they will walk in my law, Ex. 16:4. God is come to prove you, Ex. 20:20. through them I may prove Israel, Judg. 2:22. my God, that thou triest the heart, 1 Chr. 29:17 (Ps. 7:9; Prov. 17:3; Jer. 11:20; 1 Thes. 2:4). when he hath tried me, I shall ...


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Prove definition, to establish the truth or genuineness of, as by evidence or argument: to prove one's claim. ... to prove one's claim. 2. Law. to establish the authenticity or validity of (a will); probate. 3. to give demonstration of by action. 4. to subject to a test, experiment, comparison, .... Examples from the Web for prove


Jun 1, 2005 ... It is therefore critical to choose a null hypothesis that is the reverse of the statement the analyst wishes to prove. For example, if the analyst wishes to prove that the means from two groups of data are not equal, he or she should choose a null hy- pothesis in which the means are equal and then perform a test ...


Whichever type of test you are given, the questions are almost always presented in multiple-choice format and have definite correct and incorrect answers. As you ... This control group could consist of other graduates, current job holders or a sample of the population as a whole. ... Sample Numerical Aptitude Test Questions ...


Paper 1 Reading (See below for Use of English). Test 1 (of 3). Part 5 (Multiple Choice) · Part 6 (Gapped Text) · Part 7 (Multiple Matching). Get a printed version of each test for a record of your work. Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | ...