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Kenexa Prove It Excel Test – This test measures your ability to complete tasks in Microsoft's Excel software at various levels. The test is entirely interactive, and it simulates the functionality of the real Excel software. Kenexa Excel tests come in three difficulty levels, all untimed: the basic level (normal user), the advanced ...


If you fear that you will lose a working opportunity at Randstad by flunking its pre- employment Kenexa Prove It Test, we have tools to help you ace the test. .... If you are applying for a software engineer position, be prepared to answer technical questions about C programming language and agile development process.


Unlike working on the actual Excel software, the Prove It interface leaves no room for errors. Some of the shortcuts cannot be used, formulas have to be typed correctly without the program's help, and there's only one acceptable answer to Excel test questions which can usually be answered in more than one way. Make sure ...



I figured this was a somewhat honest answer as I had used it a bit in class but never in a work setting. Well .... I am applying for a job and the recruiter is going to have me take a skills test on ProveIt, maybe in HTML - not sure. .... Also, to whomever went on a rant about testing procedures using old software.


1 Answer. Marina Byezhanova, Headhunter & Entrepreneur on a mission to refute old school practices in the recruitment industry. Answered Aug 24, 2015 ... When the person administering the tests gets the result, it is in percentage form and also includes the average result of all people who have taken the test thus far.



Office 2010 software (Excel, PowerPoint and Word). It is important to be aware that although there may be more than one way to accomplish a task in the Office products, each question is asking for one specific method. Pay particular attention to the toolbars and their contents, and read the questions carefully. Answers to ...


The bookkeeping software test was geared to a trained monkey who simply memorized the tabs and what to "press". A true bookkeeper who knows how to use bookkeeping software would not need to memorize those things so in fact we don't. They change them every year to sell an upgraded program ...