Did you mean: Puckett v. Boland et al ?


Jan 14, 2009 ... In September 2003, James Benjamin Puckett agreed to a plea bargain with the United States on counts of bank robbery and use of a firearm in ...


The District Court accepted the plea, but before Puckett was sentenced he assisted in another ... And not all plea breaches will satisfy the doctrine's four prongs.


Supreme Court of AlabamaJun 18, 1925. Full title. 213 Ala. ... White v. State, 136 Ala. 58, 34 So. 177; Kelly v. State, 75 Ala. 21, 51 Am. Rep. 422; McKelton v.


Oct 11 2018, Response to application from respondent New York, et al. filed. ... Dec 17 2018, Brief of petitioners Department of Commerce, et al. filed.


PER CURIAM. This is an appeal from the District Court s dismissal of Appellant Puckett s complaint for failure to state a claim upon...6f2d2332625.