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Central Ceilings, Inc. v. Suffolk Construction Co., Inc.


Facts: Defendant owns a theater complex. In building this, defendant contracted with Old Colony as the general contractor in March 2000, expecting it to be ...


Case opinion for MA Court of Appeals CENTRAL CEILINGS INC v. NATIONAL AMUSEMENTS INC. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw.


With the exception of a higher frequency of alteplase use in SAINT II (44% vs. ... Although we cannot completely rule out a ceiling effect in SAINT II resulting from .... Data and safety monitoring board — S. Pocock, London (chair); H. Adams, Iowa ... P. Lyrer; Taiwan — H.H. Hu, S.T. Chen; United States — M. Harris, M. Sauter, ...


This allowed us to note prevalence and impact (including quality of life) of ..... because of different surgery types with each specialty (Szeto et al., 2009, Adams et al., .... G. Kilpatrick, D. BeckleyAn ergonomic comparison of in-line vs pistol- grip ... N. Swanson, S. Sauter, R. Dunkin, J. Hurrell, L. SchleiferSupplementary breaks ...


at least equal in quality and independence to that available to paying clients in the ..... 165, 6 A.2d 519 (1939); Alexander v. Quality. Leather Goods Corp., 150 Misc. 577, 269 N.Y. .... recovery), with Sautter v. Fulmer, 258 ...... 679 (i9o5); Adams v. Doyle, 139 Cal ...... for violation of price ceilings); United States v. Strickland, 62 ...


1) “Gesture movement quality, verb tense, and aspect across three ..... concrete or abstract meanings in congruent vs. non-congruent conditions. ...... Kendon, Adam. ...... (Alibali & Nathan, 2011; Sauter, Uttal, Alman, Goldin-Meadow & Levine, ...... that 67% of the signers, compared to 48% of the speakers, were at ceiling.


All RNA sequences were synthesized by Dharmacon Inc. (Fayette, CO) followed by .... Structure Determination and Quality Indicators of the PreQ1 Aptamer .... An additional base triple stacks over the ligand ceiling (supplemental Fig. .... Van Lanen, S. G., Reader, J. S., Swairjo, M. A., de Crecy-Lagard, V., Lee, B., and ...


May 30, 2014 ... The V-gene repertoire of the chicken does not utilize highly diverse ... Recent exploitation of the avian immune system has generated high quality, high ..... to generate antibodies that surmount the theoretical affinity ceiling (8, 49). ... 2014 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.