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Aug 25, 2016 ... Quetelet (1835) and Lexis (1877, 1878), proposed the late modal age at death (M ) as a ... the lens of the late modal age at death (Brown et al. .... mortality represented a larger proportion of all-cause mortality than in 1974 (30.8% vs. .... ( Preston, Heuveline, and Guillot 2001), the all-cause force of mortality is ...


276 SAMUEL H. PRESTON AND ETIENNE VAN DE WALLE ... siecle a Paris et dans le departement de la Seine', Population, 29, 1 (1975), pp. .... French economic histories suggest that all three regions shared in the .... V and VI. 5 Annuaire statistique de la Ville de Paris, 1883, p. 143. 16 Henry ...... Quetelet argues that:43.


Smith (Smith et al., 1998), however, found that the effects of childhood background were not .... In contrast, Quetelet (1869, 354) computed an average height of 164 centimeters for all Belgian men examined ..... Kannisto, V., Christensen, K. and J. Vaupel (1997), “No Increased Mortality in Later Life for ... Preston, S. H. et al.


The record from more recent mortality crises in China (Ashton et al. ... Coordinating an NAS panel on the issue, Preston (1978) laid out a framework of ...... Agadjanian V, Prata N. War, Peace, and Fertility in Angola. .... Chaire Quetelet 2002.


Table 10 Bivariate analysis of BMI vs. obesity outcome ... et al. 2004a). 1.1.2 Why China. In this dissertation, I focus on China as the site ..... It was known as the Quetelet Index until it was termed as the “Body Mass Index” in ...... marginal income effect on a person's health decreased as the absolute income increased ( Preston.


... and Whitehead. (1997); Ecob and Smith (1999); Elo and Preston (1996); Ettner (1996); Feinstein (1992); ... and Preston (1994); Martin and Soldo (1997); McDonough et al. (1997); Murray ...... T able 11.2. Health Condition V ariables in AHEAD. Wa v e 1. Wa v e 2. Wa v e 3. Label. V ... y mass index (Quetelet). BMI1. 6,475.


Quetelet index. 8 Adjusted for plus ... area of residence,16 Gonzalez et al. concluded that the ob- served reduced .... Nitrate from food items Quintile 5 vs. quintile 1 NS. 1.26 (0.59-2.70)d ... In Los Angeles County, Preston-Martin et a1. 26 ques-.


Jan 22, 2013 ... Adolphe Quetelet, popularized by in Britain by polymath John Herschel, ...... his precursors ([Riding] Jackson et al. ...... most frequently excerpted pieces of Stanzas, V.lxxi was reprinted ...... Hyde Preston (Qtd. in Meyer xvi).


Oct 27, 2010 ... All explanatory efforts (McQueen and Siegrist 1982; Marmot et al. ... and Mackenbach 1994; Preston and Elo 1995; Shkolnikov et al. ..... In Child health and mortality in Europe: Chaire Quetelet 1994 (pp. .... McKee M, Shkolnikov V. Understanding the toll of premature death among men in eastern Europe.