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Former bank employees from banks in Switzerland (UBS, Julius Baer) and Liechtenstein (LGT Group) have testified that their former institutions helped clients evade billions of dollars in taxes by routing money through offshore havens in the Caribbean and Switzerland. One of these, Rudolf M. Elmer, wrote, " It is a global ...


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Not only will you see how quick and easy it is to open an account, but you'll also see that opening an account comes with more benefits than just the chance to grow your wealth, including: ... And these bankers are now parking their own cash — much of their personal cash — deep inside this underground banking system.


Jul 12, 2014 ... One man put just $27 into this secret new bank account…and watched it grow to more than $886,000. I was reading an article by Doug .... And these bankers are now parking their own cash — much of their personal cash — deep inside this underground banking system. Martin Nesmith, a top hedge fund ...


Mar 19, 2015 ... Switzerland has agreed to share financial information with the European Union, making it much harder for Europeans to hide cash away from tax authorities.


Aug 12, 2016 ... Switzerland's reputation for tight-lipped discretion made it a magnet for money from dictators and tax dodgers, along with the fictional assassin Jason Bourne. ... The end of secrecy, combined with other pressures such as negative interest rates, may trigger the disappearance of a third of Swiss banks.


The Quick Cash System is a new automated binary trading signal service that claims they can turn a profit of 90% for their traders. These completely free signals (or so ... Most of these account holders say they lost money instead of reaping the huge financial rewards the system promised. We've seen this so many times with ...


World wide bankers now have a money system, which is based on making money out of thin air. Nearly all money .... We'll take a quick tour through different types of inflation. But, to start with, ... [4], [5] Some countries publish the categories of products they have in the basket [6], but the exact products usually remain secret.


Jun 29, 2016 ... But we are still lumbered with our antiquated system of creating money as debt: all money, even notes and coins, is debt from banks of one kind or another.[1]. The title of this ... Secrets, ignorance and lies defend our global financial system from democratic scrutiny. ..... BAD EFFECTS: A QUICK SURVEY.