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Dialysis is a treatment used for people whose kidneys don’t work properly. There are two types. Hemodialysis involves an artificial kidney to remove waste. It accesses blood through the arm, leg, or neck. Peritoneal dialysis involves a catheter in the stomach area. A special fluid is pumped into the abdomen where it draws waste out of the bloodstream. Most dialysis treatments are given at a hospital or doctor’s office, though long-term dialysis can be administered at home.
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Sep 14, 2015 ... Providing an extended medical leave can be a reasonable accommodation. After an investigation by EEOC investigator Monica Colunga and after attempting to resolve the case through pre-litigation conciliation efforts, EEOC filed the lawsuit ( EEOC v. Dialysis Clinic, Inc., 2:14-cv-01623-TLN-KJN) in U.S. ...


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