"John Doe" (for males) and "Jane Doe" (for females) are multiple-use names that are used ... Well-known legal cases named after placeholders include: .... Jane Poe, John Doe, Richard Roe, Robert Roe, Mark Moe, Larry Loe, Degage ... "Mary Moe" is also used to refer to such cases generally, i.e. "Mary Moe cases.


From the courts to the morgue, if the government doesn't know someone's name or wants ... Frequently, landlords named the fictitious parties in their actions John Doe (the ... They might also have been the actual names of real people that a particular ... In the early 1530s, a French printer named Robert Estienne published ...


Mar 15, 2003 ... Was there a real original 'John Doe' and what was famous enough about ... US courts also allow the names to be used by people who do not ...


a general word for a man(see also Jane Doe) ... Also referred to as 'Jane Doe'. ... were unable to identify the victim, so they simply referred to him as 'John Doe'.


https://imgur.com/d3XGZ70 She was tagged as "Jane Doe" once she was ... But why "Jane Doe"? She didnt know her name, so... ... limit my search to r/blindspot ... 15 - Draw O Caesar, Erase a Coward; 16 - Evil Did I Dwell, Lewd I Did .... Secondly, such names are also often used to refer to a hypothetical ...


Jul 29, 2009 ... On the Records: A real John Doe in Manhattan has no regrets. ... New York State also has had its share of John Does. ... neighbors house said to me, “Robert what is it going to take to change America and get it on the right track? ... And to my pheasant surprise, more and more people, known and unknown, ...


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