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Riddell Sports Group is an American company specializing in sports equipment for American football. It is headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois; in 2017 the company will relocate to a new facility in adjacent Des Plaines, Illinois. The company was started by John Tate Riddell. Riddell first invented the removable cleat and ...


Riddell is a leading manufacturer of football helmets, football pads, football helmet reconditioning, and related football sports equipment.


Riddell Sports Group, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures protective sports equipment and helmets. It offers on-field equipment, such as helmets, shoulder pads, face masks, apparel, accessories, and customized uniforms. The company also offers helmet reconditioning services. It offers its products online in the ...


History of Riddell Sports Inc. ... Riddell Sports Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of football helmets and the world's leading reconditioner of football helmets, shoulder pads, and other sports protective ... The company was founded in 1927 by John T. Riddell, coach of the Evanston, Illinois high school football team.


Riddell Sports Group Inc. manufactures helmets and athletic uniforms. The Company offers protective head gear for football, baseball, bikes, and motorcycle riders as well as branded uniforms and accessories for a variety of different sports. Riddell markets their products internationally.


About us. Riddell (rih-DELL) is a premier designer and developer of football helmets, protective sports equipment, head impact monitoring technologies, apparel and related accessories. A recognized leader in helmet technology and innovation, Riddell is the leading manufacturer of football helmets and shoulder pads, and ...


Riddell has been an industry leader in football equipment since 1939 and with that much experience, drive, and innovation, Riddell is changes the game every day. Sports Unlimited loves being part of that kind of team. Riddell has you covered with all kinds of football pads; helmets, shoulder pads, knee pads, and ...


Riddell Sports. 71K likes. Founded in 1929, Riddell is a premier designer and developer of protective sports equipment and a recognized leader in helmet...


Feb 28, 2017 ... Sports equipment maker Riddell Inc. asked an Illinois federal court on Monday not to pause its patent infringement suits against two rivals while the Patent Trial and Appeal Board reviews the helmet patents at issue, saying the companies are just looking for a delay and that the case should move ahead.