Did you mean: ROBERT D. BURGHER ?


Indiana Department of Correction Commissioner Robert E. Carter, Jr. was .... Robert Bugher has served in the capacity of Chief Counsel since June 2000.


Dec 30, 2018 ... 2016, by Robert D. Bugher's Legal Services Division; it was reduced down from an A-100 to a B-235 – Resisting. No drugs were found in my ...


Members: John D. Engelbrecht (Chair), Anton H. George, Martin C. Jischke, and Robert G. Jones. Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Committee ...


ROBERT D. BUGHER, Executive Director, American Public Works Association ... ROBERT C. MILLSPAUGH, New York State Department of Transportation.


Howard Rosen, Ph.D., Program Director, and Stephen T. Pudloski, P.E., Program .... of Directors and its Executive Director, Robert D. Bugher, the first graduate ...


DONALD D. ENGEN, Federal Aviation Administrator, U.S. Department of ... ROBERT D. BUGHER, Executive Director, American Public Works Association.


Awardees from the Bugher Foundation. ... Causes of Ischemic Stroke S. Claiborne Johnston, MD, Ph.D. Institution: ... Robert Macdonald, MD, PhD. Project Title: ...


Publishing the history of public works has always been a central activity of the Society. A complete list of Society publications along with short abstracts, book ...


The program, entitled the AHA–Bugher Foundation Centers for Molecular ... In a letter to one of us (H.E.M.), D. Nelson Adams, Esquire, Senior Trustee, ..... Hamburg, Robert J., MD, Cardiology Fellow, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado.