{{Infobox criminal | name = Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. | birth_date = (1918-05- 12)May 12, .... Their weak case against Ethel Rosenberg was resolved just 10 days before the ... to a foreign government information "relating to the national defense". ... The United States Federal Bureau of Prisons did not operate an execution ...


United States, 346 U.S. 273 (1953). Rosenberg v. United States. No. ___, June 18 Special Term, 1953. Argued June 18, 1953. Decided June 19, 1953. 346 U.S.  ...


Case opinion for US Supreme Court ROSENBERG v. UNITED STATES. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw.


information relating to the national defense of the United States with intent. 1. .... Direct evidence against Morton Sobell, the other defendant in the case, ...... and that Sobell and Rosenberg had urged Elitcher not to leave his job at the Bureau of.


United. States, 346 U.S. 273, 281-85 (1953); Rosenberg v. United States, 346 U.S. 313 ..... "If Douglas's ambitions for political office remained alive, a confrontation in the .... He conducted his own trial defense, studied law while living on death.


by Jake Kobrick, Associate Historian, Federal Judicial History Office, Federal Judicial Center. Learn about the case — historical background and documents.


Aug 27, 2000 ... In January 2003 as the United States was preparing to invade. Iraq, the two-week ... the overall weak case against Ethel Rosenberg; the government's use of Ethel's ..... The defense's case consisted only of the testimony of Julius and Ethel .... speech claiming communist infiltration of the State Department.61.


United States and in Europe, and the memory of the trial would define political ... their Division for Public Education, has devel- Faced with Julius Rosenberg's ... suggested that “proceeding against his ... nation defense-related information with .


Rosenberg v. United States. Media. Oral Argument - April 28, ... Lower court. United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Citation. 360 US 367 (1959) ...