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The genome mimics the cellular mRNA molecule in all aspects except for the absence of the poly-adenylated (poly-A) tail. This feature allows the virus to exploit cellular apparatus to synthesise both structural and non-structural proteins , during replication. The cellular ribosome is crucial to the replication of the flavivirus, as it ...


Edmund KLEM et al., individually and as parents and next friends of Andrew Klem, a minor, Plaintiffs-Appellees, v. Claudia Rooney MANN ... On July 17, 1990 , and on August 20, 1990, Anchor sent a letter to the Klems asking them to complete a "RUSH-ANCHOR Third Party Recovery Authorization." The Klems did not do so ...


Dec 28, 2017 ... Women were more likely than men to report having used an organized weight loss program during their weight loss (55.9% vs. 24.7%, p < .001) and .... (kcal/lb) are reported here. Eating patterns and food sources over the past week. were assessed using a 10-item scale. Participants were. Crane et al. 371.


[PDF] [DOC], County of San Diego v. Workers' Comp. Appeals Bd. 3/6/18 CA4/1 Case Details. Mar 05, 2018, C083427 [PDF] [DOC], Selvidge v. Tang 3/5/18 CA3 Case Details. Mar 05, 2018, S232607 [PDF] [DOC], Alvarado v. Dart Container Corp. of California 3/5/18 SC Case Details. Mar 05, 2018, S097558 [PDF] [DOC]


bone mineralization (M) as well as bone volume (V). Bone turnover ..... A current example that even recent trial findings have to take into account the underlying aluminium exposure is the study by Barreto et al. from Brazil [29]. They recorded a ...... Coco M, Rush H. Increased incidence of hip fractures in dialysis patients with ...


Nov 22, 2017 ... This is usually done by measuring from the inion to the naison, and from the left pre-auricular to the right pre-auricular (Klem et al., 1999). .... It has been suggested that if the distance between electrodes is 5 cm or less, the current would be highly susceptible to a shunting effect (Rush and Driscoll, 1968).


Early investigations pointed out that maintaining long- term weight loss could be associated with an increased risk of eating disorders or depression symptomatology (Keys et al., 1950; Stunkard & Rush, 1974; Weiss & Ebert, 1983) . However, more recent studies found little support for this assumption (Klem et al. , 1998) and ...


This study investigated whether parenting support moderated relations between age of mother at childbirth and parental responsiveness and monitoring. The sample included 212 African American families living in urban public housing; Offspring were entering adolescence when data were collected. Parenting support was ...


v.” (in legal references), “et al.” (in references to works with three or more authors or editors), national abbreviations (used as adjectives), and corporate acronyms and initialisms ... “We All Live More like Brutes than Humans”: Labor and Capital in the Gold Rush. For titles ... Denkinger 1976, 1996; Klem 1992; Luciano 1947).