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MyVirtualChild allows students to raise a child from birth to age 18 and monitor the effects of their parenting decisions over time. By integrating students' course work with a simulated practical “experience” of raising a virtual baby, MyVirtualChild brings developmental principles to life.


Baby Valley, free online simulation game for girls to raise and educate your virtual baby.


Mar 5, 2010 ... Korean couple became obsessed with raising virtual baby while their real infant daughter lay abandoned and unfed.


Adopt a virtual baby for free online. Play with your infant, feed it, buy it toys, and take care of it.


IMVU is an online social game where members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat, create and play games and raise a family. Escape to IMVU - live amazing virtual life in an amazing virtual world. You can even get married and adopt cute virtual babies! Shop and dress up in style - fashion is flourishing in IMVU.


Welcome! Welcome to Baby Simulator 2014! A game brought to you by Cosrnos. You have just given birth to a beautiful child and it's up to you to make sure it grows up to be successful! Be careful though, because you only get one! Don't do anything that might cause it to fail in life or resent you or you'll end up in a horrible  ...


It's used for childcare career training, teen pregnancy prevention, child development education, career training, prenatal visits and appointments, at-risk youth ... Skills for Life – The new Parenting curriculum focuses on stages of child development, parenting styles/impact, the costs involved in raising a child, and much more.


Jun 30, 2013 ... We have all had a Baby Bottle Pop at some point, and this game takes its wonder to a virtual game. Create your very own baby, play games, download music, and do so much more. There are plenty of things to see and do in this game, giving you the chance to have fun and take advantage of it.