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Custom shoe lift and modification for correcting leg length discrepancy. The modification is expertly and precisely customized to each customer.


A second method to measure leg length difference (LLD) is to use blocks of known height to even out the pelvis. Standing on a flat and firm surface, place the blocks under the shorter leg until feeling even and balanced. You can also use thin hardback books or tiles. Then step off the block and use a ruler to take a ...


Compensating for leg length discrepancy or short leg using heel lifts or shoe lifts.


Jan 14, 2018 ... We specialize in shoe lifts for leg length differences. ... Do you need your one of your shoes built up? Many physicians, chiropractors ... Please note that (in most cases- probably 99.9%) we carefully remove the original sole, THEN add the shoe lift, and then put the original sole back on. This way you will ...


My husband has a slightly shorter leg due to a shattered femur years ago, and swears by these lifts. He has used similar since he was 16 years old and these are priced very well, similar in price to what he has always paid through his chiropractor in the small town he grew up in, only now he can order them and not have to ...


Leg Length Discrepancy Leg length difference (LLD) is primarily when the hips are not level, causing a limp from side to side. ... more than 1/4 inch we usually recommend starting between 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch less than the actual amount and let the body adjust to the change and then raise up to the measured amount later.


12 Items ... Our heel lifts and heel shoe inserts are the right solution for a wide variety of additional heel correction needs, including helping with heel spurs, post-surgical and post-stroke rehabilitation and added heel shock-absorption. Choosing a Lift. Heel lifts can be used for more than just correcting leg-length discrepancy.


We have helped many customers with a leg length discrepancy of up to 8cm. For most, the difference in leg length is only 2cm or less, in which case our shoe lifts can solve the issue. We sell 1.2cm & 1.6cm shoe lifts and provide free delivery Australia-wide. Simply insert one shoe lift into the shoe of the shorter.


How Solely Orthopedic Lifts builds and modifies shoes to solve leg length discrepancy. ... When a lift is “full,” it covers the entire bottom of the shoe, extending from side to side and toe to heel. ... Once we have the lift built up to match the measurements, we put together the sole with the lift in between and finish off the work.