Steagald v. United States, 451 U.S. 204 (1981), is a United States Supreme Court case which ... Steagald then appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States, which granted certiorari to decide whether the government may search a ...


Jan 22, 2018 ... 565.060.1(5) was a prior felony conviction for a "crime of violence" under the guidelines. Consistent with Voisine v. U.S., 136 S. Ct 2272 (2016), ...


Ford v. United States …Id. Section 2255 ordinarily "is not available to correct errors ... Following the guilty plea, Ramey failed to cooperate with the government; ...


Country: United States of America ... Ramey that "the Fourth Amendment prohibits a warrantless entry into a dwelling to arrest in the absence of sufficient ... Four years later, the U.S. Supreme Court reached the same decision in Payton v.


Dec 21, 2018 ... UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,. Plaintiff - Appellant, v. ANTHONY ... Assistant United States Attorney, Salt Lake City, Utah, on the briefs), ..... See Ramey, 880 F. 3d at 449 (“We see no reason why 'use' of force under the.


become repugnant to the American people, espe- cially since such ... App.3d 743 , 746 [Ramey covers any structure of “private retreat”]; U.S. v. Driver (9th Cir.


JONES V. UNITED STATES (99-5739) 529 U.S. 848 (2000) .... The Government correctly observes that §844(i) excludes no particular type of building (it covers .... with 178 F.3d 479 (CA7 1999) (decision below), and Ramey, 24 F.3d, at 602 ...


In the Supreme Court of the United States. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, EX REL., JOSHUA HARMAN,. Petitioner, v. TRINITY INDUSTRIES, INC. &. TRINITY  ...


NGUYEN V. UNITED STATES (01-10873) 540 U.S. 935 (2003) 284 F.3d 1086, ..... International Curtiss Marine Turbine Co., 228 U.S. 645 (1913); American Constr. Co. v. Jacksonville, T. .... Tobin v. Ramey, 206 F.2d 505, 507 (CA5 1953). 15.