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Music plagiarism is the use or close imitation of another author's music while representing it as .... In autumn 1984 and throughout 1985, Huey Lewis sued Ray Parker, Jr., for plagiarism, .... con su Tiguere", a mid-1990s song composed by Dominican songwriter Ramon "Arias" Vasquez. .... Braham v Sony Music Publishing.


[ 01-1272 ] United States v. John Robert Andis ... [ 01-3544 ] USA v. Dorian Williams ..... [ 05-4071 ] USA v. I. Ramon-Rodriguez ..... Terrick Nooner v. Ray Hobbs.


Abercrombie Daniel Ray; Acock Scott James; Alston Anne Teresa; Anderson .... Key Denise V. LaSpada Salvatore; Lewis Kimberly Michelle; Line Robert Eugene ... Waelty Kenneth Wayne; Whitbeck Connie Janette; Williams Jody Catherine ..... Ceniceros Abel; Comparan Ramon; Daniels Molly; Dirks Kori; Donovan Scott ...


... 0487 Brack Ryan J 0597 Braden Matthew Ray 0288 Brammer Michael David .... James 0638 Lewis John A 0826 Lewis Kirtlan V 0284 Lewis Matthew R 0578 .... B Jr 0206 Wiesner Jeremiah Willi 0250 Williams Christopher A 0387 Williamson .... Michael Brandon 0016 Limited Duty Officer (Line) Acker Dorian Ramon 0016 ...


Norman Deek is the second-in-command of the Williamson Gang, holed up at Fort Mercer. ... He is also mentioned in "Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies".


Kaighin, Kelly Ray (A129655); State v. Kime, Kenneth James ... Huteson, Thomas Ray (A126439-41); State v. Knight ..... State v. Williams, Tonia Lynn, aka Nacoste, Tonia Lynn (A131666) ... Columbia County and Bender et al (A136534); Hobbs, John T. v. Blacketter ..... Guerrero-Villarreal, Ramon (A133019); State v. Hester ...


Dora Dean, Ma Angeline, Bert A. Williams, Charles Sidney O'Brien. 1907, US .... Music v. Living Music, S.D.N.Y., Day by Day, Theme for N.B.C.'s "Today Show", Stephen Schwartz, Ray Ellis ..... 2013, US, Hobbs v. ... Sony, S.D.N.Y., Loca con su Tiguere, Loca con su Tiguere, Ramon Arias Vasquez, Eduard Edwin Bello Pou.


Of pioneer stock, Buchanan was born in 1847 in Williamson County. ..... Aaron V. Brown .... 1855-59; J.F.R. Ray, 1859-62; Edward H. East, 1862-65;* A.J. Fletcher, ... 1865-66; G.W. Blackburn, 1866-70; E.R. Pennebaker, 1870-73; W.W. Hobbs, ... 1953-55; J.B.Walker Jr., (Additional Treasurer) January-July 1953; Ramon ...


Julius C. Hobbs . ..... 2007 — Thomas R. Jackson Jr. (257) 2008 — Ralph V. Shipton (1) .... 24 Charles Ray Williams (699) ..... Ramon Thomas Thompson.