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How to create a legal description of real estate that is sufficient to identify it for legal purposes. Includes ... Exhibit “A” will be attached to the deed and contain the legal description. ... Property tax records are not the same thing as land records.


More information on Ms. Hopkins and her firm can be found at ... The term “legal description” refers to the written description of property and ... The nature of this book precludes anything more than a brief look at each of these methods. ... A plat or survey is, of course, a drawing of the boundary lines of a tract of real estate .


In a real estate deed, a legal description of the real property being conveyed is universally required to be present. The deed can also include a refe.


The “description” part of the legal description is a sort of shorthand that ... plus the volume and page that it was recorded under in County records. ... Unplatted refers to all the other lots that don't have an approved plat recorded. ... Also, please click to view our related article: What Makes a Real Estate Description “ Legal”?


... of the property. The legal description must be specific, must be definite, ... The lot-and-block or plat-map system of legal description for land, sometimes known ... appears in the files or records of the local government's records office. .... real property transaction in a state (such as Alabama, Florida, or Tennessee) that.