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The intent of the parties to the transaction cannot be honored with certainty unless the legal description precisely locates the land that is the subject of the agreement. Every legal description should provide ... A plat or survey is, of course , a drawing of the boundary lines of a tract of real estate. If the survey does not indicate a ...


Knowing the different types of legal descriptions isn't as important as knowing where to find the legal description to the specific property being conveyed. The best place to find a legal description is usually the most recent deed to the property (the deed that conveyed the property to the current owner). The legal description is ...


The above guidelines are tailored for “Metes and Bounds” descriptions specifically. Not all legal descriptions are of this type. Land can also be described by Public ... Deed Description. "A portion of that real property described (or conveyed) in the deed recorded in Book of Official Records, page in the office of the County.