Our new Constitution says that everyone has the right to a safe and healthy environment.


Jun 20, 2017 ... Protect at least 17 percent of our lands and inland waters by 2020 ... Rod Phillips (Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks), ...


Its protection is both a prerequisite for the success of our businesses and a source of competitiveness. For this reason, we work to instill a culture that calls for the ...


Jan 16, 2003 ... Historians have written for decades about the earliest forms of environmental activism. The conservation movement attracted attention first.


By placing a conservation easement on the land, scenic views, wildlife corridors, water, ... remains, subject only to the whims of the changing natural environment. ... 70% identified wildlife-watching as a primary reason for visiting the area.


Protecting ecosystems brings benefits to society (PRESS2 report of PEER) ... of their impacts on services, beyond conventional environmental assessments.


One main reason why we have nature reserves is to protect our biodiversity- the ... to relax in a natural environment and travel back in time where many habitats ...


Conserving butterflies will improve our whole environment for wildlife and ... many reasons why butterflies and moths are important, both in their own right but  ...


We all want to protect our planet, but we're mostly too busy or too lazy to put up big change that would improve our lifestyle and save the environment.