Tableware are the dishes or dishware used for setting a table, serving food and dining. .... They are similar throughout the industry. ... Vessels to hold alcoholic beverages such as wine, whether red, white, sparkling tend to be .... Dining in the outdoors, for example, whether for recreational purposes, as on a picnic or as part of ...


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1935 - An Ordinance Regulating Food and Drink Establishments ..... Changes in provisions related to federal laws and regulations administered by ..... CHAPTER 4 EQUIPMENT, UTENSILS, AND LINENS ...... larger operation such as a health care facility, hotel, motel, school, recreational ...... (b) The date of harvesting, Pf.


Food-Contact Surfaces of Equipment and Utensils ................................ 67 ...... 1.5-2 , C.R.S., Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations b. "Drinking Water" ..... Hunting camps and other outdoor recreation locations where food is prepared in the field rather ... sources complying with all laws related to food and food labeling;.


The term “alcoholic beverage” refers to beer, wine, and mixed beverages as defined ... County departments will be charged to the permit holder and collected separately. ... The applicant must be at least 21 years of age with no previous alcohol-related convictions, such .... No food is allowed within the boundaries of a CCA.


B. Collection of Fines Prior to Department Renewal 32 .... Eating Establishment or Eating Place means any place where food or drink is prepared and ... similar items, other than utensils, used in the operation of an establishment licensed by .... Sporting/ recreational camps generally do not include summer sports programs ...


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personnel, food operations, equipment and facilities, and drinking and .... core item includes violations related to general sanitation, operational controls, .... (d) A kitchen in a private home if only food that is not potentially hazardous food, ..... such as a health care facility, hotel, motel, school, recreational camp, or prison.