This is a partial list of social and cultural phenomena specific to the Internet, also known as ... The videos are deemed humorous due to Phil Swift's extreme methods of showing ..... "Thriller" by the CPDRC Dancing Inmates – A recreation of Michael .... As a result, this question is asked as a way of judging a certain computer's ...


This is a partial list of newsgroups that are significant for their popularity or their position in Usenet history. Contents. 1 The Big 8 hierarchies. 1.1 comp; 1.2 humanities; 1.3 misc; 1.4 news; 1.5 rec; 1.6 sci; 1.7 soc; 1.8 talk ... rec.humor. oracle—Internet humor · rec.sport.cricket—general discussion of world cricket.

Nov 2, 2017 ... Ron learns some unsettling facts about the Internet. » Subscribe for More: http:// bit.ly/ParksAndRecSub » Buy the Parks and Recreation ...


rec.humor.funny is first a USENET Newsgroup that provides you with daily, ... General introduction to rec.humor.funny and this web site plus some history and ...


The easiest way to look for Humor info online. Browse Best of the Web listings here. ... and cheats to allow these 1980s games to be played on modern computers. allowe · Humor ... Archives of the rec.humor.funny newsgroup, updated daily.


Get ready to LOL at these snarky memes, awkward selfies, and hilarious videos. From tattoos gone wrong to failed expectations, it'll be hard to stop scrolling.


Mar 2, 2016 ... Even as you start pondering the difference between “Internet humor” and “humor on the Internet”, let's ... Cringe at your leisure! ... The content itself is varied, covering everything from the English language to computer usage.


Jul 10, 2018 ... Every day, more than two billion people log on to the internet, and there are almost half a billion websites for them to visit. Some of the most ...


SomethingAwful.com ofers daily internet news, reviews of horrible movies, games, .... with humor, movies, books, puzzles, sci-fi and fantasy, and computer …