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Feb 23, 2018 ... The fast-paced nature of the show requires a lot of punchlines, and the writing is so sharp in Parks and Rec that a throw-away joke is a rarity.


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Parks and Recreation Season Six Episode Recall Vote. "It's loosely based on the Klingon greeting salute.” “I just learned that, and if I had known, I would not ...


Ben's Accounting Jokes / Parks and Rec / #ParksandRec. ... Parks and Rec Accounting joke! Accounting ... This is why I love Parks and Recreation too. <3.


Feb 24, 2015 ... Parks and Recreation is ending tonight, and as we gather 5,000 candles .... And his boss Barney's overjoyed face whenever Ben cracks a joke.


Feb 12, 2015 ... For fans who've been watching the series since way back in season 1, getting over the end of Parks and Recreation has been difficult. Not only ...


Dec 5, 2015 ... According to tvtropes.org, a recurring joke is "a joke whose humor ... one of the most important aspect of Parks and Recreation that kept it on air ...


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