Humor research (also humor studies) is a multifaceted field which enters the domains of linguistics, history, and literature. Research in humor has been done to understand the psychological and ..... The scientific support for the physical benefits of humor are somewhat sparse, and the findings .... Journal of Leisure Research.


This site is a member of the Science Humor Webring, despite the fact that psychology isn't really a science. More information at the bottom of the page.


Mar 31, 2017 ... Laugh it up! Humor is universal across human cultures — and fuels psychological research on everything from social perception to emotion ...


concluded that humor could induce positive psychological changes that are at ... Address correspondence to Attila Szabo, Ph.D., School of Science, The Nottingham ... to the meager knowledge about the benefits of other accessible leisure ac-.


However, the scientific evidence of the benefits of using humor on various health .... to the study of laughter: toward an integration with positive psychology.


Long have people suspected that humor provides real psychological and ... and justification for including humor in therapeutic recreation programs is stronger.


Psychological theories of humor are a growing area of research. I attended a seminar on it for a day as an undergraduate myself, but dropped it ...


Sep 14, 2011 ... In comparison, psychological research on humor is just getting cracking. ... Sure, Freud took a stab at it, but he didn't have the scientific tools to ...


HUMOR. International Journal of Humor Research. Editor-in-Chief: Ford, ..... mathematics, health and medicine, philosophy, political science, psychology, and  ...