The Useless Web was an example of early web humor. It was a list of links to web pages the ... The Useless Pages. From Wikipedia, the ... Languages. Add links.


mathematical jokes and mathematical folklore. ... Math is the language God used to write the universe. .... By the end the E has a terrible headache. ..... The medicine-students ask: `Should we start on the Yellow Pages?' ... Yeah, I used to think it was just recreational... then I started doin' it during the week... you know, simple ...


"Useless Machine" with a single switch, that when thrown, simply actives a ... Anti -humor is a type of indirect humor that involves the joke-teller delivering ... a simple printed message or image, to a page of programmer credits or a small video ... Technology; Life / Arts; Culture / Recreation; Science; Other.


Updated daily, CRACKED.com is a leading comedy site featuring humor pieces, videos, comics and … .... Parody of the popular Wikipedia encyclopedia in more than fifty languages. .... A small collection of useless sites and pointless pages.


Jul 18, 2016 ... Why just be funny when you can be SNARKY? ... snark as "an imaginary animal," proving once again that dictionaries are utterly useless.


Mar 2, 2016 ... You will find a reason to laugh with these 15 top websites that tickle your funnybone. ... It's a website that specializes in pictures of English-language mishaps, often in foreign lands. Let's be ... Cringe at your leisure! ... For more important places on the web, check out useful websites you need to know about.


Feb 14, 2000 ... Rainbow Humor Page. Contents: [Cool Funny Stories & Jokes ] --- [Funny Cartoons and Pictures]. Cool Funny Stories & Jokes. Diskettiquette ...


Funny units of measurement, jokes, quotes, humor and the lighter side of numeracy. ... One great quote to be translated into as many languages as possible. Famous ... DMOZ: Recreation : Humor : Science ... Cartoon from page 212 of The Book of Numbers (1996) by John H. ... "Why do we have to learn this useless stuff?"


Feb 17, 2015 ... Paul Schneider and Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation. ... Like a lot of early comedy episodes, the jokes are fine, but the series' worldview is ...