Rectitude definition is - the quality or state of being straight. How to use rectitude in a sentence. The Right Definition of rectitude.


Rectitude definition, rightness of principle or conduct; moral virtue: the rectitude of her motives. See more.


Rectitude refers to behavior that is correct, upright and honorable. You have moral rectitude if you refuse to be involved with a plan that some kids in your class ...


Middle English, from Middle French rectitude, from Late Latin rectitūdō (“ straightness, uprightness”), from Latin rectus (“straight”), perfect passive participle of ...


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rectitude meaning: honesty and correct moral behaviour: . Learn more.


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rectitude definition: Rectitude is being morally correct. (noun) An example of rectitude is being honest and always treating others with kindness and respect....


Jan 11, 2007 ... i didn't want to punch him because it held little rectitude for me. i have rectitude because i chose to save my brother instead of a bag of money.