Knowledge representation and reasoning (KR, KR², KR&R) is the field of artificial intelligence ... Examples of knowledge representation formalisms include semantic nets, ... 4 Ontology engineering; 5 See also; 6 References; 7 Further reading ... In these early systems the knowledge base tended to be a fairly flat structure, ...


Semiotics; Sense and reference; Automatic semantics. Inference ... To facilitate knowledge sharing it is necessary to make it explicit. .... A knowledge representation is a set of ontological commitments: Ontology is the study of existence. Thus ...


systems can base decisions on reasoning about domain knowledge, similar ... If we look at current Semantic Web technologies and use cases, knowledge ...... At the same time, ontologies can also be used for documentation and reference pur  ...


Knowledge and Information Representation for the Web . . . . . . . 153. 13.3 ..... XAL enables the reference and linking to arbitrary information in the document;.


Sep 7, 2016 ... Knowledge Representation with Ontology Tools & Methodology ... knowledge management, database integration, digital ..... REFERENCES.


The World Wide Web opens up new opportunities for the use of knowledge repre - .... the linking of terms across ontologies making it possible to cross-reference and ... management, ontology visualization, import and export to and from various  ...


absolutely necessary in nowdays large scale Internet data management systems. ... Knowledge Representation (KR) techniques and languages that can be ... of support of semantics on the web, with reference on the XML and RDF stan-.


mechanized representations of semantics that help to detect anomalies. · Automatic document ... Tool Environment for Ontology-based Knowledge Management.


In Artificial Intelligence, knowledge representation studies the formalisation of knowledge and its ... In this way, computer systems can base decisions on reasoning about domain knowledge, similar to humans. ... References. 1. ... In Proc. of the First International Semantic Web Conference 2003 (ISWC 2003), October 21-23, ...