Knowledge Graphs: New Directions for Knowledge Representation on the ... Posted on September 15, 2018 by Eva Blomqvist in Semantic Web research at LiU ... The second phase focused on data management, linked data and potential  ...


OWL is heavily based on the knowledge representation languages called ..... Like a Description Logic knowledge base, an OWL 2 ontology consists of a ... OWL 2 does not assume that different names refer to different entities, so, for example ...


Outline. 2.1 Semantic Web and Knowledge .... Unify data representation for heterogeneous environment .... RDF URI's can refer to anything and not just digital.


Knowledge Representation System Architecture. Rolf Grütter ... described with domain-specific terminologies and refer to distinct locations. ... the knowledge base in view of an evolving ontology and of computational complexity are discussed.


How can we build Semantic Web applications? Unit 1. Unit 2. Unit 3 ... Main References ...... •RDF and RDF Schema knowledge representation ontologies.


Ontology knowledge Sharing), conceived for supporting dy- namic ontology- based knowledge sharing and evolution in. P2P systems. The knowledge sharing ...


Using Semantic-Network as knowledge representation for sharing ... In other words, in order to refer to knowledge gathered by other members, arcs with special ...


May 19, 2009 ... New knowledge is produced at a continuously increasing speed, and the list of papers, ... Citation. Erick Antezana, Martin Kuiper, Vladimir Mironov; Biological knowledge management: the ... knowledge management, system biology, Semantic Web, ontology, data integration, knowledge representation.


is, they assume that anything not entailed in the knowledge base is not true. Yet ... field of knowledge representation as it applies to the Semantic Web: .... collection of documents with cross-references (also known as links) between them.