Aug 11, 2014 ... sections. KEYWORDS: knowledge grid, representation of knowledge, knowledge granularity. ... (e.g. semantic networks, rules, frames etc.).


sources, associating the concepts of its legal ontology ... cross-references, so this makes navigating laws most difficult. .... How to create a document and knowledge management .... to a regulative representation of the problem using in -.


The potential for knowledge sharing today is unmatched in history. .... The Semantic Web vision is to point to a representation of the entity, in this .... RDF allows the encoding of structured data by reference to well-maintained namespaces.


Knowledge representation and organization systems explore nature of metadata and their semantic ... knowledge on the Web and their enjoining with digital libraries in the .... results across the integrated library management system seamlessly. Shiri ... article-level content such as links, identifiers, linked data and references.


An Ontology is an explicit specification of a conceptualisation. Gruber, T.R.: A translation ... behind the knowledge represented in a knowledge base. Bernaras, A., Laresgoiti, I., .... Identify terms to refer to such concepts and relations. Commit to ...