May 1, 2013 ... GPS use the term projection to refer to the coordinate system settings. ... Sometimes coordinates are calculated off of digital or paper maps.


These anatomical reference atlases illustrate the adult mouse brain in coronal ... as in situ hybridization, cell projection maps, and in vitro cell characterization.


The maps are brought together with related rare books and prints, ephemera, and ... The exhibition celebrates the gift of the Willard Hackerman Map Collection  ...


Jan 29, 2019 ... var myMap = new google.maps.Map(...); myMap.data.addGeoJson(...); myMap. data.setStyle(...); The Data object is a collection of Features .


References .... NeuroVault.org: a web-based repository for collecting and sharing unthresholded statistical maps of the human brain.


Like in Java, it inherits from Collection<T> and that in turn inherits from Iterable<T > . ... If the only references that exist to a list are of the read-only variety, we can ...


These technical procedures serve as a reference for conducting the image analysis work .... practical constraints in the data collection and mapping processes.


Floor Maps ... Floor 2 Genealogy; Floor 1 Government Document Reference; Floor 4 Harp Collection; Floor 4 HD Viewing Room; Floor 5 Icelandic Collection ...


The University of Chicago Map Collection is one of the largest university map ... In addition, there are approximately five hundred reference books available, ...