Due to its scope and wide availability The Ashley Book of Knots has become a significant reference work in the field of ...


References used including the Ashley Book of Knots.


This website provides clear animations showing how to tie frequently used knots.


Pinnable - Basic knot tying instructions to pin for practice and future knot tying adventures. Get the kids and have a competition, practice tying the knot.


Jun 28, 2010 ... About 4000 different knots are described, ranging from the very simple ... There are some good knotting reference books available online, and ...


Even if you already have a good knot book, the PROKNOT cards make a great field reference that is waterproof and nearly indestrucable! These cards are used  ...


Today knots are still needed in everyday life, from tying up parcels to hitching a horse. ... This is a great reference for anyone doing beginner to intermediate knot  ...


REFERENCES: Wikipedia article Knot_(mathematics). Todo. Make a class Knots for the monoid of all knots and have this be an element in that monoid.


Configuration files for Knot DNS use simplified YAML format. ... can be used as a reference from other sections (such identifier must be defined in advance).