"Defining knowledge management: Toward an applied compendium" (PDF). Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management.


References. Below you can find my list of sources for the work presented on this site. First, for those of you interested in reading more on this, I particularly ...


The following list contains selected references on Knowledge Management compiled by Yogesh Malhotra from some of his working papers.


A three‐layer, cognitive domains, functional and resources, reference model for knowledge management systems is developed. This model aims at providing ...


Knowledge Management and Reference Services by Smiti Gandhi. Many corporations are embracing knowledge management (KM) to capture the intellectual ...


Many corporations are embracing knowledge management (KM) to capture the intellectual capital of their employees. This article focuses on KM applications for  ...


Management of bibliographic and web references for many researchers is the closest thing to knowledge management they will ever do. This article describes ...


Knowledge Management FAQ, a Knowledge Management resource provided by Knoco Ltd. ... Other references to KM budget can be found by web searching.


Knowledge Management, Networking and Coordination Specialist for the interagency. Child Protection Monitoring and Evaluation Reference Group ( CPMERG).